Intuitive Coaching

Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.

What is an Intuitive Coach?

An Intuitive Coach is either an Intuitive person, meaning someone closely connected with their Inner Guidance system, or a professional who helps others connect with their own Intuition. I am both, and it is one of my core passions to use my Intuitive skills and learned wisdom to help other women reconnect, strengthen, or even “superpower-ise” their own Intuitive Knowing, so that they can live their best life, full of wisdom, clarity, confidence, and compassion.

What does an Intuitive Coach provide?

As an Intuitive Coach, my first and foremost mission is to facilitate a space where you, the seeker, can feel, experience, question, and talk about anything, without judgement or concern. The very act of being truly listened to at a soul level, as well as being shown compassion in the midst of struggle or vulnerability, promotes healing and clarity. To be fair, it is a two-way exchange in which I benefit from having the honour of witnessing your story, your authenticity, and your innate wisdom.

As a coach I also provide effective tools, exercises, and ongoing support in whatever stage of your journey you are on. Together we will assess and address what inner and outer blockages prevent you from living your most inspired, emotionally whole, spiritually connected life, because that beautiful life is what you truly deserve.

What are the areas I am passionate about as an Intuitive Coach?

  • Women’s wellbeing and freedom – emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically, and culturally
  • Intuition – strengthening and honing yours so that you always have a reliable source of wisdom, and using my own to help you on the way
  • Empaths – specific struggles and successes of being an Empath
  • Religious Deconversion – Regaining or Re-igniting a healthy spirituality
  • Major life changes – Identity crisis, Separation, Divorce, Death, Career Changes, Apathy, Feeling Lost, “Stuckness”
  • Balanced Feminine and Feminist Guidance, Support, Wisdom, and Clarity

If you are looking for clarity, guidance, support on a new venture, or perhaps just a listening ear, Intuitive Coaching can be the perfect opportunity to find your way on a darkly lit path. With an Intuitive Coach, you have access to numerous modalities such as art therapy, intuitive drawing, bibliotherapy, talk therapy, holy questioning, intuitive guidance, tarot, and much more, which help to clarify and empower your own inner voice. Contact me today to learn more, or if you are interested in coaching packages, intuitive tarot readings, or art therapy sessions.


**Current “Pandemic Pricing” is in effect to better serve my clients. All one hour sessions are $60.**

  • One Hour Intuitive Coaching $75
  • Guided Art Therapy Session $75
  • Tarot Reading $60
  • Package of Five Coaching Sessions $325


I can’t say enough good things about the positive, material difference Alessandra has made in my life. Her wisdom and humour make her such an easy and enjoyable presence to spend time with and learn from, even for someone as introverted as I am. I feel equipped with a stronger, deeper understanding of and trust in myself. I’d urge anyone considering coaching with Alessandra to take the plunge as soon as possible- honestly, really, seriously, go for it


Every time I meet with Alessandra, whether it is in a intuitive painting workshop or a personal one on one time of connecting, I always come away with a fresh deposit in my soul, a gem, a bit of intuitive wisdom that is often life changing. I am privileged to know her and trust the sacred ground when we gather.